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Business Reopening Plan – Southwest Farm To Yarn Collective

Face Masks

  • Volunteers are required to wear a face mask.
    Farm To Yarn (F2Y) will provide a reusable face mask should they not be able to get their own.
    F2Y will train every volunteer on proper usage and sanitation of their face masks and display posters on recommended procedures.

Symptom Monitoring.

  • Volunteers will be asked to call in prior to their shift if they have any of the following symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Chills / Repeated shaking with chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell.
  • Volunteers exhibiting any of these symptoms will be asked to remain home, isolate and monitor their symptoms, and notify other volunteers.

Shop Operations

  • Volunteers will wash hands when first entering the building and regularly thereafter.
  • Customers will be asked to wear a face mask.  F2Y will provide one should a customer not have one with then.  Any used masks will be taken home by the volunteer on duty, washed, and brought back on their next shift.

Sanitizing Solutions

  • A bleach disinfection solution containing 5T of bleach per gallon, and an 70% alcohol disinfecting solution set will be at the checkout counter, in the office, and in the restroom.
  • The bleach solution is meant to be sprayed on countertops and other non-porous areas, and the alcohol solution is meant for hand sanitizing and areas where bleach is not recommended.
  • Volunteers will be trained on proper usage of each.


  • Bathroom. Volunteers will sanitize the bathroom toilet handles, door knobs, faucets, and soap dispensers when any volunteer or customer uses the bathroom. A logbook will be kept in the bathroom.
  • Office. Before sitting down in the office, sanitize keyboards, computer mouse, and desk area.
  • Public areas. Volunteers will sanitize the entrance, any other door knobs, microwave, and any display case handles.
  • Customer Contact. Volunteers will sanitize their hands with alcohol after physical interaction with a customer or any monetary exchange, along with any areas that a customer has touched at a service counter before interacting with the next customer.

Physical Distancing

  • Markings have been installed on the floor at 6 feet at the checkout counter. 
  • Volunteers and delivery people have been instructed to maintain their physical distance between each other.
  • Based on square footage and the usual flow of customers, no more than 3 customers will be allowed in the store at one time in order to maintain physical distancing.
  • There will be a sign placed on the front entrance notifying customers of the maximum capacity.  Volunteers are empowered to stop customers from entering when the maximum is reached.

Communication and Marketing

  • This plan is on our website and Facebook pages and will be included in the next newsletter.
  • The reopening date and new days and hours of operation are on the website, Facebook pages, and in the newsletter.
  • Days and hours of operation are posted at F2Y. 
  • Maximum occupancy at one time and face mask requirement are posted at F2Y.

We strive to serve the local community by providing a source for commercial yarns, notions and tools, patterns, classes, and a comfortable place to socialize with like-minded fiber enthusiasts. We also provide a venue for local flock raisers and fiber artisans to sell their products.


Yarns By Brand

  • Brown Sheep
  • Ella Rae
  • Alpaca Yarn Co.
  • Euro Baby Cotton
  • Hanako cotton/linen

Hand-dyed yarn and roving

  • woollylizard
  • Cat Mountain
  • Schoppel Cat Print
  • Mountain Colors
  • Alpaca Yarn Company

Undyed Fiber and Yarn

We carry undyed/natural yarn and roving for spinning, needle & wet felting

Accessories, Needles & Notions

  • ChiaGoo needles 
  • Clover products  
  • Corvid Glass handmade buttons & shawl pins
  • Knitting Needles: circular, dpns
  • Crochet Hooks
  •   and more…                                                                    


  • Cactus Flower tapestry looms, weaving battens & niddy noddys
  • Willysman Woodworks yarn holders & swifts
  • Drop spindles


  • Locally handmade
  • Knitted, crocheted, felted & handwoven items

Gift Certificates


We can help you find an appropriate pattern on Ravelry for that special project.

Special Orders

If we don’t have the yarn you want we may be able to order it —  just ask